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Saayan Mahes

Saayan Mahes Asked 6 years ago

coach,I practice table tennis everyday with my friends and play a friendly tournament at last.  My friends know my backhand rally is weak and they take advantage of it especially my chop.  I have searched your videos on youtube and on this website and seen and practice them but I'm still not able to beat them or tie them on backhand. Please if u can help me sort out your videos and send links to me it would be a real good help.Thankyou Coach.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Saayan,

The first thing is to watch the stroke video of the Backhand Push.  Then in your training you need to start to use the stroke in combination with other strokes when you don' know where the ball is coming.  Then finally do some practice games and focus on using the push in those matches.  Get your training partner to give you a lot of shots to your backhand side.

This will still take time to get better but with time and training you will start to be able to use the stroke in a proper match.


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