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Rizwan Ahmad

Rizwan Ahmad Asked 9 years ago

Respected Coaches,               

My name is Rizwan Ahmad and I am from Pakistan, I have been following your videos for about 3 years and it really helped me but still I have some problems with my backhand and I need some professional advice before changing my backhand rubber to "SHORT" or "LONG" pimples. Before jumping to the point, I want to tell you about the bat I am currently using.
Blade = Butterfly SCS-5000 (2 months used)

Forehand = Andro Plasma 470 (2 months used)

Backhand = Yasaka Rakza 7 (less than a year but still fast enough for me)

I have not that much trouble in playing any sort of ball or returning service with my forehand, however, my weakness is that I give too much points while returning services with my backhand, or countering a "LOOP" or "Top Spin". Plus I am more of a defensive/counter puncher when it comes to backhand. Recently I played with Long pips and short pips as well and both suited my game but I can't make a proper decision as to which rubber i should put on my backhand. I have watched your video "Introduction to TT rubbers"  but still I need some advice. 

My question is "Should I switch to long pips or short pips? Which one will suit me better in continuing backspin rallies and countering topspin while giving an edge in returning services"

Looking forward for your response.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Rizwan,

I think it would be best to use Long Pimples.  This will help more with countering spin on the serves and also allow you to play a defensive backhand.  The short pimples would help to a small extent and if you wanted to do more hitting on the backhand then this would be better but it sounds like you are happy to play more defensively on the backhand side.

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Thoughts on this question

Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Posted 9 years ago

Agree with Alois.  Just be aware that if you want to be a defensive/counter puncher when it comes to your BH, LP will definitely help with the defensive end but is hard (though still possible if you train for it) to counter punch with.

Rizwan Ahmad

Rizwan Ahmad Posted 9 years ago

Thanks alot, as soon as I am done with my exams I am gonna switch to Long Pips. Will definitely inform you.

Rizwan Ahmad

Rizwan Ahmad Posted 9 years ago

Can you list some of the Long Pips?


Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Posted 9 years ago

There are, not surprisingly, endless choices for LP.  My experience has been with TSP rubbers.  Here is a good article comparing some of the main TSP LP rubbers and their characteristics/differences.

Rizwan Ahmad

Rizwan Ahmad Posted 9 years ago

I think I will go with TSP Curl P1R.


Jon Ferguson

Jon Ferguson Posted 8 years ago

I think P1-r might be a little difficult to master for an inexperienced long pip user. If you like the TSP rubbers, go with PH or P3, which allow both defense and attack, and are easier to master.

Some of the Chinese rubbers are also quite good- Milky Way Neptune or 955, or the offerings from DHS. Very affordable as well.

They will allow you to develop your defensive game, then perhaps you can move to a more specialized rubber later on.

Choose OX for close to table style, or thin sponge (0.5 - 1.0) for chopping away from table. The 1mm sponge is a good compromise.

Ahmed Anter

Ahmed Anter Posted 8 years ago

I have

blade = a good one (used for more than 3 years)

forehandrubber = butterfly ( used for more than 3 years)

backhand rubber = Yasaka (used for more than 3 years)

I don't know if I need to practice harder or change my equipments or them both keeping in mind that i myself have been used for more than 42 years.(joke).

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