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Kenneth Tham

Kenneth Tham Asked 2 weeks ago

Dear PingSkills,

When the ball lands deep on the table and bounces high on my backhand side, should I attempt to execute a backhand smash, or should I practice coming around to my forehand side to execute a forehand smash? Is the backhand smash harder to execute?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Kenneth,

A backhand smash is often difficult.  If the ball is up high you should have enough time to move around and play a forehand smash.  The forehand gives you more flexibility of movement with your arm for adjusting to the height of the ball on a smash.

One important factor I find in a lot of players is that when the ball goes up high, the player will stop and wait for the ball to come down to them.  It is really important to use that time when the ball is in the air effectively by moving into position and side on to the table to be able to execute an effective smash.

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Kenneth Tham

Kenneth Tham Posted 2 weeks ago

Hi Alois,

Thanks for the advice. I will incorporate it in my practice.


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