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Charalampos Kotsocheilis

Charalampos Kotsocheilis Asked 1 month ago

hi coach,

I suffer from backhand to forehand transition because of my grip. After 1-2 backhand topspins I can't execute a forehand because I feel the handle slips inside my hand during the transition, so I squeeze the handle a lot.  The result is having a permanent backhand grip with a locked wrist.  I tried to play both backhand and forehand with a strictly neutral grip but my backhand became really stiff so it didn't help.

I don't know if this is happening because of the arthritis problem i have in my wrist or because of a bad grip habit (maybe both), but I did notice for sure that the 2 small wooden curves at the top of the handle bothers me a a lot when I play.

So I tried something else.  I switched the sides of the bat.  I put the blade logo which is supposed to be on the forehand, on backhand.  And then something magical happens. The curves at the top of the handle don't bother me at all, my grip is very comfortable and loose and the transition from backhand to forehand grip is very easy.

so my questions are 

a) did you ever seen or heard something so awkward like this?

b) shall I glue my rubber the opposite way and play like this? or shall I try to fix the problem by experimenting more with my grip?

I hope that I managed to express my problem correctly, my english is poor. Thank you in advance

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Charalampos,

I think your final solution of changing the side can work for you.  The handle can feel different on both sides.  Try changing the rubber over and see if that works for you.  

Otherwise, think about relaxing your grip a little and find something more neutral or allow yourself to change more easily.  Rather than gripping higher to fix it in position, allow the hand to relax and adapt more easily between strokes.

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