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Sean Maynard

Sean Maynard Asked 9 years ago

This question is kind of two fold but both relate to training.  I was, in a past life, a goalie in ice hockey and I had a pretty wicked glove hand which makes me pretty amazing at catching smashes.  What is the best way to lose that habit.  It's somewhat frustrating knowing if I can get my hand out there to catch this thing like something from a Harry Potter quidditch match then I should be able to get my bat there to block it instead.  Additionally, I am at a bit of a disadvantage training wise.  I have no table at home not much room and until I can convert the pool table to a table tennis table what can I do to work on that over the top backhand.  I think the problem that I am noticing is I am not getting a thin enough contact on the ball to get the topspin or to counter the backspin.  What can I do with just tossing the ball up and hitting it into my bed for now?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Sean,

It is strange how we have certain skills that are hard to transfer.  Your reactions are obviously very good.  It will be difficult to transfer that to moving the bat first.  With more play it will start to happen as your first reaction.

Perhaps for practicing your topspin against backspin you can hit against a wall.  If you hit the first ball with topspin it will come back with backspin that you can try to lift using the technique we show you in the lesson on Forehand Topspin Off Backspin.

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Sean Maynard

Sean Maynard Posted 9 years ago

I am starting to notice myself slowly but surely moving in the right direction with getting out of my bad habit.  I also finally broke down and bought a table top conversion for my pool table in the basement.  Two disadvantages.  1. Low ceiling  nothing I can really do about that. 2.  table is about an inch too high over regulation   will that drastically effect my play so long as I am learning and concentrating on technique and proper motions?  Will I be able to quickly adjust to a regular table or will I hardly notice a difference at all?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 9 years ago

Hi Sean,

You will notice the difference. You should be able to adjust to basic strokes.  In match situations you may find it a little more difficult.  As long as you also get to do some training on a regulation height table you will be OK.

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