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Don Bordsen

Don Bordsen Asked 11 years ago

I have been using MAXTESE YINHE Moon 49-003 rubber the past two months for about 4 hours a week.The red rubber is holding up fine but the black rubber is falling off about 50% of the outer edges up to a 3/16th inch deep.I usually hit the ball on the red rubber side about 75%

I purched the new paddle with the rubber the vendor installed.

 I have never had this type of deterioration before.


Do you know why the black rubber is deteriorating?


Is it reasonable to expect the vendor to provide another black sheet?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Don,

I don't know the rubber particularly but it sounds like a Chinese rubber which may be quite hard.

Sometimes these types of rubber will break quite easily.  You may be rubbing the black rubber on the table as you play your push strokes with the forehand, especially on the return.  This will tend to scrape the rubber.

Unfortunately, Table Tennis rubber is quite brittle in nature.  You could try putting some side tape on your bat especially on the sides of the rubber to keep them in tact a little better. 

Without knowing the rubber I don't know how brittle it is in nature.  Perhaps some of our readers may know this. 

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sunil narkimelli

sunil narkimelli Posted 6 years ago

Two of my TT clubplayer got this rubber and one of them is in terribe shape just like..and other one it edge broke at one place...


i thik this rubber qute brittle...


but great fast play..soem say Tenergy clone at cheaper rate...

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