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Dan Ne

Dan Ne Asked 1 month ago

I have noticed that players that play a backhand sidespin loop do so with devastating effectiveness - the angle creates a lot of winners.

Whilst I appreciate that the bat has to lower around the left side of the ball (as a righty), I can't seem to get this shot right.

I wondered if the issue is that the ball has to be struck at a different position in relation to my body.  So my normal backhand shots are in the centre in front of my bellybutton - should these sidespin shots be more to my left near my left hip?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Dan,

I think you have the idea right.  Try to contact the ball more towards your left side to allow yourself to drop the tip of the racket down further to be able to get around the left side of the ball.

It is a difficult shot anyway but see ho you get on with it by training the stroke for a while...

For our Premium members you can also check out the tutorial we have on this Sidespin Backhand Topspin.


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