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Ben W

Ben W Asked 13 years ago

Well, I'm a pretty decent player, good enough to compete probably, but as of now, I play mainly for fun. I noticed that as I got used to the cheap paddles when I returned to a more padded one, my backhand releases the ball much too high and I miss the table. I'm the type of player to mainly focus on power or speed rather than spin, (though I am able to maneuver the ball at this level).

 Basically what I want to know is when I do decide to purchase a better bat, what are the qualities or aspects that better suit my game. The thickness of the rubber, the type of rubber, the type of wood? Or will I just have to adjust?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Ben,

Don't go for anything too fast to start with.

Try a 1.8 to 2mm thickness.  Perhaps a Mark V or Yasaka Pryde type rubber.  Nothing too fast, because you will lose your control and the ball will go long a lot.

The same goes for the wood. An allround blade would be good.  Again not a fast blade. 

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gian crispino

gian crispino Posted 13 years ago

use a rubber with low throw angle for your bachand.

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