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jake Wipf

jake Wipf Asked 13 years ago

I have trouble returning a serve from one of my friends.  im not sure what to call the spin exactly but it looks just like the serve in one of your videos( the link is, and the spin is the one you do at the 26 second mark). i CAN return it but only after he does it over and over again and its hard to replicate it by myself to practice returning it.  if you could help me on how to return it and return it with a strong stroke if possible i'd greatly appreciate it! thank you guys i love your videos!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Jake,

This is the tomahawk serve. You can try to topspin it if it comes long.

You need to take into account the sidespin on the serve.  With this serve you can also put backspin or topspin.  YOu need to watch which of these is on the ball and then adjust your bat angle to allow for this.

We will have a Receiving Secrets DVD available early next year. 

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