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Andrew Yau

Andrew Yau Asked 11 years ago

Helo Alois and Jeff

I was wondering how can you tell how much grip your bat has and when do you know you have to replace your bat

Thanks Alois and Jeff

P.S. this question is for all TT out there

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Andrew,

You can rub your finger across the rubber to see if it has grip.

Also try to spin the ball with it and see if it grips the ball.

You can look at the surface of the rubber to see if it is worn.  Take a look around the edges of the rubber and then compare it to the middle to see if they are similar or if the middle is very worn. You will see the pimples start to show through on a worn rubber.

When do you replace them depends a bit on your budget.  Some top players replace them after a few days but for most players this is overkill.

For most club level players I would say 80 playing hours would be a reasonable guide.  So at 10 hours a week that would be 2 months or if you are only playing a few hours a week then the rubber will last longer.

Remember to keep the rubber out of direct heat and to clean it with a damp cloth after you have used it. 

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