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Kush Baveja

Kush Baveja Asked 2 years ago

Hey Alois, 

I am one month away from the stage where I get a custom bat at 11 years of age. Could you please tell me which is the best combo bat for a chopper, a blocker ect. 

Thanks so much Coach!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Kush,

I like an all-round blade with some reasonably slow rubber.

The one we have developed and recommend is the PingSkills Touch with Mark V rubber.


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Neville Young

Neville Young Posted 2 years ago

I know that my students and even experienced players get sucked into advertising.

They go for the fastest or spinniest rubber, but don't understand those rubbers are for experienced players wanting to improve their skills.

As someone who is still learning the game, if you choose a rubber that is too fast for your skills, or too spinny for your skills, you won't be able to control the ball. This will lead to lost games and worse, loss of confidence.

A rubber with control and some speed will let you develop your skills. Mark V is a great rubber. It has stood the test of time and both the speed and control are great with plenty of spin


D K Posted 2 years ago

Another alternatives could be newest Srivers from Butterfly,or maybe some rubbers from Donic. Donic has the vastest variety of rubbery available in my country.

Otherwise I must agree with Neville,having witnessed some of similar cases.
Also,the faster the rubber is,the less  control it has. And the spinnier the rubber is,the more spin-sensitive it is.
I am young and quite inexperienced player.
But people say I have matured too quickly (meaning I have mentally become an adult very soon in some terms).
Two boys I know purchased Mizutani ZLC blade (most expensive available here) paired with Tenergy.
They were completely unable to control the bat. Even I had only limited control over the bat despite being far more skilled than those two boys and all of their other training-mates. As  I said I am no experienced player,but still,six years of practise under coach versus year of practise alone and halfyear under coach...
Next time,they wanted DHS Hurricane Neo rubbers to imitate Ma Long. I was able to prevent them from another money losing since I got some elder Hurricane (but not very used) and borrowed it to them to test. They quickly realised they were unable to control it properly.

I have also gone through somethings similar when I tried to copy my idol's rubbers,though they were not so crazily expensive. Now I am,in contrast,happy with a full bat he is said to have designed.

To players who are uncertain about their rubber choice,I would repeat one Chinese advice I read some time ago: Don't try to copy some powerful player's equipment if you do not understand the reason why they use them!
There are COUNTLESS rubbers with heavy spin and speed. But each one has different feel,and each player is different.
Even Chinese professionals do not use one exactly the same rubber. Why? Because every player is different. Everyone of us is different,even among identical twins. It is good to be inspired. But trying to become an exact copy of someone,in equipment,in movement,or in anything else even not related to table tennis,is worthless.

Kush Baveja

Kush Baveja Posted 2 years ago

It's been around 5 months, but I better tell you that I have dhs hurricane 3 neo on my backhand and hurricane 8 on my forehand, I am practicing 4 times a week for 2 hours and I can easily and swiftly play every stroke and I know good snake pendulum serves and hook serves. thanks


D K Posted 2 years ago

Brave combination,Kush.
Goodluck with your equipment :)

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