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Robert Nowak

Robert Nowak Asked 4 months ago

Hello, I would like to know which of these rubbers will be the best for Donic Waldner Senso Carbon. Im thinking about buying: Donic Bluestorm Z3, Donic Baracuda or Donic Bluefire M3. I want to buy forehand and backhand rubbers. I like to attack in controlled manner. Thank you in advance for your responses.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 months ago

Hi Robert,

The Donic Waldner Senso Carbon is a high-quality blade known for its good balance of speed and control, making it suitable for various playing styles. When choosing rubber sheets, it is important to consider your personal playing style, your preference for spin, speed, and control, as well as the synergy the rubber will have with the blade. Now, between the three options you are considering:

1. Donic Bluestorm Z3: This rubber is known for its soft sponge which provides a high level of control and a good spin. It should allow you to execute controlled aggressive strokes and can be quite forgiving. This might be a good choice for your backhand, especially if you require additional dwell time.

2. Donic Baracuda: This rubber is famous for its spin capabilities. It has a medium-hard sponge, which can help in generating more spin while still providing reasonable speed and control. Donic Baracuda can be a good option for the forehand of a player who likes to rely on heavy topspin and controlled loops.

3. Donic Bluefire M3: This is another soft rubber, similar to Bluestorm Z3. It emphasizes control and spin, making it suitable for players who like to attack but want to maintain a high level of safety in their strokes. It can also be a good choice for the backhand or the forehand, depending on your specific preferences. Given your preference for a controlled attacking style, you might want the rubber that provides the best balance for your attacking shots while not compromising on control. Donic Baracuda could be a great choice for your forehand, where you will likely benefit from its top-spin generation during attacking plays. For the backhand, either the Bluestorm Z3 or the Bluefire M3 could complement your play style well with their softer sponge and focus on control. Ultimately, no rubber is objectively the best as it depends on the individual's technique and preference. Therefore, it's always advisable to try the rubbers if possible, or to read and watch reviews from other players who have a similar playing style to yours.

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