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Jasper Low

Jasper Low Asked 3 months ago

Hi pingskills, before the plastic ball was used, the faster and spinner celluloid balls were used and kreanga Was in that generation of players. I was wondering how would the kreanga backhand fare in modern times with the plastic ball?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 months ago

Hi Jasper,

Kalinikos Kreanga's backhand has been considered one of the most powerful and effective in the history of table tennis. His unique style, consisting of a strong grip and incredible wrist snap, allowed for a high level of speed and spin, making his backhand a fearsome weapon in his era. Transitioning to the plastic ball era, Kreanga's backhand would still be effective, but there would be adjustments needed to maintain its potency.

Players have had to adapt by hitting the ball harder and focusing more on placement and variation to generate winning shots. Kreanga's ability to generate exceptional spin and speed with his backhand would still be an advantage, but he might need to adjust his technique slightly to optimize these elements with the plastic ball.

The change to the plastic ball has also led to players adjusting their equipment, often opting for rubbers with a higher tension or different blade characteristics to compensate for the ball's different behavior. Kreanga would likely experiment with various setups to maximize his backhand's effectiveness.

With the plastic ball's altered dynamics, players have modified their tactics, favoring more rallies and strategic play. Kreanga's backhand, given its power, could still win points outright, but he might also have to include more variation and tactical placements into his game.

The modern game demands a high level of physical fitness due to longer rallies and more demanding footwork. Kreanga, known for his physical strength and agility, would likely adapt well to the increased physical demands.

In modern times, Kreanga's backhand would still be a formidable weapon, but as with any change in the sport, he would need to adjust his technique, equipment, and tactics to continue dominating with his signature shot. The beauty of table tennis lies in the adaptability of players to new conditions, and a player with Kreanga's skill level would surely find a way to shine, even with the plastic ball.

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