Best rubbers to play with Yinhe N-9, V-11 and T-11+ blades

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Vijay J

Vijay J Asked 6 years ago

 Dear coach,

I have been playing TT for close to 10 years now and can describe myself as an intermediate player.I train under a coach for 4 times a week to unlearn my bad strokes and to learn looping in a good way.

To get to the next level, I am getting a set of Yinhe blades (N-9, T-11+ and Venus V-11). 

I need some advice on the kind of rubbers that I can use along with these blades. As all the above mentioned blades are offensive blades, I feel that your advice can be applied on all the 3 blades.

I play from mid distance to far away from the table. So I will buy rubbers with 2.0mm or Max thickness.

1) On the forehand, I need rubber with more focus on speed compared to Spin with high degree of control. I hit both loop winners as well as flat kill shots on the forehand. So I need a rubber that allows me to hit both these kinds of shots quite easily.

2) On the backhand, I need rubber with more spin than speed with very high degree of control. I am learning to do looping on my backhand. Here again, I need a rubber that allows me to hit both loop as well as flat shots with ease. In particular, the rubber should also be very good for chopping. Overall, I need a all round rubber that has excellent spin with good control. 

I have narrowed down on the Andro Rasant Grip / Power Grip / Turbo series and Yazaka Rakza 7 / 9 series. I want to know if this would be a good fit on the Yinhe blades that I have got. 

3) In case you have a tried and tested combination on the above mentioned Yinhe blades, I can ditch my selection and change over to your choice directly. 

I am investing quite a bit of money on these rubbers and blades and so I want to get it right first time. 


Thanks and rgds,


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Vijay,

I am certainly not an equipment expert by any means but I like the Rasant Power Grip and the Rakza 7.  The Donic Coppa are very similar in quality as well.  Perhaps the Rakza 7 of for the backhand and the Rasant for the forehand.  But it would be worth getting help from others as well.
Hopefully others will lend some advice as well.

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Juan Zeballos

Juan Zeballos Posted 5 years ago

if you want a tacky rubber the hurricane will be perfect, is cheap. Honestly I I were you Ill invest more money on the blade, but anyways, other option are the Yasaka Mark V, butterfly Shriver, and the Rakza mentioned earlier.

Sudhanwa Panse

Sudhanwa Panse Posted 5 years ago

Rasant Turbo on forehand with Plaxon 450 on backhand. Flat kill with Rasant turbo is very good.

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