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Mark L

Mark L Asked 1 month ago

Hi Coach,

I have took a break from table tennis and had recently just pick up my bat once again. When I played with some regular players, I realised some changes

1) The ball keep flying out of the court when I loop. I have to loop slower.

2) I have difficulties to end the rally despite how many times I loop consistently.

3) I discover the minute I hit the ball, it somehow penetrate their defense. 

4) I did not have much chance to proceed to mid table or far table for rallies which I am closer in.

any help needed.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Mark,

I think there is a little adaptation to the bigger ball but it won't take you very long at all.

If you are finding that the ball is flying long, then more topspin is good but also think about brushing over the top of the ball more to generate the spin forward.

The flat ball can be effective with the bigger ball.  If you are finding that you are having more success wit the flatter faster ball then try to incorporate that more in your game.  The margin for error is smaller with this type of play but the rewards can be higher as well.

If you are closer to the table and want to move back, think about keeping the ball low so that they can't penetrate with a stronger ball.

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