Better backhand topspin than forehand topspin

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Peter Peter An

Peter Peter An Asked 10 years ago

I'm Peter here, i see many players using more forehand topspin than backhand topspin and they use it as a power shot, and i got my backhand topspin better than forehand topspin, so can i develop my backhand topspin as a power shot and does it matters?? And which wud be a better stroke for a short ball? A forehand flick, backhand sidespin flick, or forehand/backhand push??

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Peter,

It is OK to have a stronger backhand than forehand.  It makes you a little different to most players and that can be good.  Players may not be used to playing players with that combination.

For the shorter ball you can choose which shot to play.  Often it will depend on where the ball is on the table and your position.  Now you will see a lot of players using the backhand sidespin flick from all over the table because they feel comfortable doing that and feel that they can attack almost everything with it.

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