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Jireh Climaco

Jireh Climaco Asked 10 years ago

Hi i currently have a killerspin Jet 500 bat. which was priced at $64. For my skill level it is quite sufficient.. 

But i know the time will come where the rubber will be flat and need replacing. I notice rubbers cost quite much, around $50 per side! which is nearly the cost of my bat alone with rubbers. is it worth it to replace the rubbers on my bat for that kind of price or is it better to buy another bat altogether?

Or should i just invest in a much better blade thats worth putting pricey rubbers on? any type of input on this subject will be much appreciated! thank you,.

p.s. if i do go the route of replacing rubbers im not sure if i need fast, spin, etc type of rubber.. if it helps my style i guess is quite all around in my opinion, i like a little bit of defending (30% of the time) but i also like to attack (70% of the time) as much as possible if i can. and i think my strongest stroke is my backhand although i dont think my forehand is terrible either. 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Jireh,

I would stay with your current bat for a while.  When you feel that the rubbers do need replacing you can make a decision on the blade.  You will probably feel by that time that you need a faster blades as well.

I would go for Mark V Rubber on an allround or middle of the range with speed type blade.  You don't want to go for anything too fast.

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