Bluefire M1 or Acuda S1 turbo

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Last updated 7 years ago

Albert Lau

Albert Lau Asked 8 years ago

Hi coach, I am wondering about which rubber to buy for my forehand as I need to replace it. Bluefire M1 or Acuda S1 turbo, I am a mid distance looper who prefers power. Any suggestions?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Albert,

I don't have any suggestions but other readers might.

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Jon Schroeder

Jon Schroeder Posted 7 years ago

For power I would probably go with the Acuda s1 turbo, but they are both very fast and the difference isn't huge.

keegan harrison

keegan harrison Posted 7 years ago

Acuda S1 Turbo are very similar rubbers but the bluefire series seems to have a tackier topsheet in comparison to the acuda series which means the bluefires are more likely to give a higher throw or more ark on the ball.  Though donic has added to the bluefire series with the M1 Turbo and JP 01 Turbo which sopposedly give you more spin.

Though if you want to find out more about what people thought of these rubbers as well as others go to  

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