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Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Asked 15 years ago

Hi Alois

when you want to have maximum spin (for example, on serves or looping chops etc) it is important to "brush" the ball.

Now, the term "brush" suggests barely touching the ball.  Is this the case?  Or do you still need a firm contact of the rubber on the ball in order for the ball to 'stick' to the rubber (I guess that would involve the rubber/sponge cushioning the ball), thereby allowing you to spin it?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 15 years ago

Hi Ji-Soo,

I think you are pretty well right here.  You do need the rubber and the sponge to cushion the ball.  This does depend on the type of rubber a little.  The harder Chinese type rubbers can cope with more brushing whereas the softer rubbers need to use more of the sponge.

When we are learning we almost always err on the side of hitting it too thick rather than brushing, so the emphasis is often on the brushing.

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