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Nikhil  Jha

Nikhil Jha Asked 4 years ago

Hello PingSkills i am an intermediate player and i want to go to the state level but i want to build a racket which is very good in speed spin and control and I at least want the speed spin to be 100+ but my budget is 4000 inr which is 57.52 USD. Please help me get what I want from this site its the only site my father buys me stuff from.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Nikhil,

I don't have a recommendation for bats at that price on Amazon.  Other readers may be able to help you.

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Harry Harry

Harry Harry Posted 4 years ago

Hey Nikhil, 

      At that budget (in INR) and your mentioned requirements , you should barely be able to buy a rubber(one side only). Either increase your budget or you have to settle for an intermediate premade paddle.

(I recommend do not settle for less. Buy quality or just dont)

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