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Ollie Gardner  Ollie Gardner

Ollie Gardner Ollie Gardner Asked 1 year ago


i am trying to buy a table tennis table for my family and I with a budget of around £400. I am not very experienced with table tennis tables and I am struggling about witch table to buy. Any help would be appreciated,


Ollie Gardner

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Ollie,

The main things I look for are the thickness of the actual top and the portability and durability of moving parts.

The thickness is usually stipulated in the specifications of the tables.  Anything over 19mm is usually a decent top which should give you a consistent bounce.

As far as portability take a look at size of the wheel and how easy they are to fold up and push around.  The storage factor is important to some people.  If you are putting the table up and down regularly then the portability is important.  Some of them have small wheels that get caught and tend to break more easily.

We have a tutorial on this that you can take a look at.  Have a look at the Choosing a Table Tennis Table tutorial in the Choosing Equipment section of the site.



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