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Mark Jung

Mark Jung Asked 5 years ago

I have a main and backup blade: one is all-wood, and the other is carbon. I've noticed that the carbon is a lot better at hitting accurately and making weird shots work out (and is generally better backhand). However, the wood blade is much easier to make great FH loops with and those loops have more power/spin (It's also easier to make good blocks with).

Assuming I have no real preference, which would you think would be better, the consistent medium aggression of carbon, or the better defense and huge opportunistic attacks of wood?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Mark,

I would go for the wood blade and then if you want more speed later you can increase the speed of your rubber.

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Thoughts on this question


D K Posted 5 years ago

It also depends on WHICH EXACT blade do you have.

Right Alois?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 5 years ago

The blade doesn't matter too much.


D K Posted 5 years ago

I meant that the properties Mark decsribed do not depend only on if it is wood/carbon.

eduardo espinosa

eduardo espinosa Posted 5 years ago

Hello. Mr. D K: I think I can answer your question; I used to be a carbon blade fanatic. Carbon blades give quickness and power and so can a fast all wood blade w/ the proper rubber. When I tried a good wood blade I found that it was better when I needed the best control like receiving my opponent services. It is a subtle advantage but nevertheless an advantage.


D K Posted 5 years ago

Hi Eduardo

I meant it another way: There are blades with various properties even if you take ONLY wood or ONLY carbon blades.
I also already had the chance to test various blades.
And sometimes I felt like the wooden bat was even faster than the carbon.
But I personally do not use it as I require maximum control and spin,speed is not so important for me.

András Nagy

András Nagy Posted 5 years ago


I play with a wooden blade and I like it bcuz I can feel better what am I doing with the ball. I have played with carbon blade and I think it is equally good . My strokes were stronger more spinny and more fast as the wooden blade. But I didn't play with it better cuz my strokes came back as well as wooden blade and I couldn't be enough surely play with it. With wooden blade I can feel how i hit the ball and I can more safely play. Yes my strokes come back as well , but I can hit the ball more times in a rally. If my stroke couldn't be enough powerful , I will hit the ball with more power and bigger motion. The speed comes from your motion. The speed is not everything.

adarsh' Koppad

adarsh' Koppad Posted 5 years ago


Can u suggest me  good rubbers for carbon blades


eduardo espinosa

eduardo espinosa Posted 5 years ago

Mr. Koppad. When I played w/ carbon blades was in the era of speed glue and I played w/ rubbers that were not too soft, to avoid "bottom out". The rubbers today are different. I would suggest rubbers that i know, Donic Bluefire M3 or the Sigma II Europe from Xiom. These are not "ideal" rubbers for smashing, if that's what you have in mind, but won't slow you down. On the other hand they are very spinney so you can develop a fast topspin game w/ the combination of the carbon blade and one of these rubbers. By the way, I'm a penholder so I use only one rubber for B-hand and F-hand. Another rubber I find somewhat fast for a carbon blade is the Tenergy 05 FX. That would be for a smashing combination more than a top-spin game. Anyway the best way to find out (also the more expensive) is trying by yourself.

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