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Manuel Körner

Manuel Körner Asked 1 month ago

Hello dear Ping skills Team, long time ago since my last question. 

Yesterday I had a match at league won 2 of them 3:0 but then my last one I lost 3:2, I will explain more in detail what's the point...

My game tactics are strong serves, I can win lots of matches only by execute those serves including a strong third ball, doesn't matter if I play against 1000 point player or 1500 point player I do my thing. 

On my backhand side I play TSP Curl P4 in OX on my forehand Victas Limber V01 with 1,5mm so modern defense.

In general I know how to beat all sorts of players, nevertheless I lost 200 points this year just by losing to players who play rocket topspins... I don't really get how to catch such super fast balls with my pimples cause if I'm too far away from table the point is lost to 85% - my footwork isn't that good - I know that for sure, but even if I am in the right position those players make point after point where it doesn't matter if I try to catch those balls or not, my returns will always be somewhere else but not on the right side of the table...

Do you have some tips for me? How should I practice those situations, I meet such players only at matches at league... 

Greetings Manuel

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Manuel,

This is a difficult ball for the long pimples to start with but I think you can turn it into a weapon.

Try to keep the stroke simple and straight downwards.  You also need soft hands to make this stroke work to absorb some of the spin and speed of the rocket shot.

Take a look at our tutorial in the section on Long Pimples on the Long Pimple Chop Block.  I think this is the best option for you.

The other thing to think about is how to stop them from making such a strong shot.  Think about the placement of your strokes as well as the height.  If you can keep the ball lower or at an awkward height then it will make this stroke harder for the attacking player.

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