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Les Edmunds

Les Edmunds Asked 1 month ago

Hello, If you started playing a match with tracksuit top on, are you allowed to continue the match if you got too hot and wanted to take the top off. 

Any chance of showing different serves for people to do that only have one arm in use.

Thanks for all your videos.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Les,

Technically you aren't allowed to play in a tracksuit top at the higher level so it is really up to the referee or tournament organisers.

However, the practicality of most competitions is that we play in cold halls so tracksuits are usually allowed and you are allowed to take a top off if you get too hot.

Thanks for the idea of serving.  I will add that to the list.

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Les Edmunds

Les Edmunds Posted 1 month ago

Thanks for your reply and sorry I've not acknowledged earlier but only just seen it.

Really would be good to have some different serves up my sleeve as I feel limited in my choice of serves. I had a m/cycle accident in my teens which left me without the use of my left arm. 

Thanks for all your help.


Nigel C

Nigel C Posted 1 month ago

Les do you balance the ball on the back of your right hand to serve? I've seen a player who did that. He served backhand that way, I suppose you could use your wrist for forehand or use your fingers. I'm not a coach but I can't see why you couldn't serve forehand pendulum, punch or shovel serves, reverse pendulum, backhand pendulum and probably more. Why don't you look at what some of the pros do and try adapting them for yourself. I can see that the ball toss would be key. Nice and high to give yourself extra time to adjust. keep practising and be patient. The other key point is to try and serve different spins with similar action. Flat with no spin is also good if you can make someone believe it's loaded with back spin.

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