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Khuong To

Khuong To Asked 13 years ago

Hi Ping Skills,

How often would I have to change my rubbers? I play 3 days per week minimum (7–8 hours). At the moment it feels ok but I have the same rubbers now for three months and wondered if I will need to splash out soon.

Thanks, Khuong 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Khuong,

Take a look at the surface of the rubber to see if there is wear.  When it wears you will see the dots of the pimples start to come through on the surface.

Usually, around 80 hours of playing would be a good guide, but it depends on how particular you are about your rubbers.  It also depends on how strongly you are brushing the ball on contact and how well you care for them.

You say that it still feels OK so that is probably a reasonable indicator as well.  Once you feel that you have to start changing your stroke to compensate for the rubber then it is definitely time for a change. 

Also take a look at the previous question titled Bat Grip.

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