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Jason  Bui

Jason Bui Asked 6 months ago

I struggle with putting backspin on my chops, and I keep getting them a huge ball for an easy attack. My backhand chop is very bad, with my forehand, I want to improve my chopping , for my backhand and forehand, to get low with heavy backspin into the table. How do I fix this mistake, when my chops keep going off the table?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 months ago

Hi Jason,

Take a look at the tutorial on the Forehand Chop and Backhand Chop.

If the ball is going off the end of the table or too high, make your stroke more vertical.  Finish more down towards the ground rather than pushing forward.

To get more spin you can think about brushing the ball on contact.



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D K Posted 6 months ago

Jason,there is also a possibility that you
a)are too close to the table
b)have too firm grip
c)have too fast equipment

Rajdeep Paul

Rajdeep Paul Posted 5 months ago

jason, here are some tips, I think these will works good:

i) first of all, I don't know which type rubber are you using in your backhand, I would suggest you to use longpips, if you don't. and ofcourse you should follow a perfect action. you can watch the pingskill video for backhand chopping.

ii) you have to adjust the incoming spin with bat angle, i.e., when the ball is coming with heavy topspin (generally with high throw angle, you see), you need to do more vertical stroke, i.e., towards ground and also need slight side wise action to reduce the contact force as well as to neutralising the incoming sidespin (generally inbuilt with the topspin) and when the ball is coming with less spin (generally with lower throw angle, you see), you need to do more forward stroke. and for an average spin, you can do almost 40 to 45 degree downward or forward action.

iii) you have to adjust the power by changing your position, i.e., when it is very fast topspin, you need to go backwards and receive the ball at almost end point or lower possible point and when it is very very slow loop, you have to come nearer to the table and you have to do very side wise and generally downward stroke (as generally this type of topspin has a lot amount of spin with a little power) and for an average speed topspin, you can do the stroke from mid distance.


D K Posted 5 months ago

As Rajdeep says,Jason,there is also matter of experience and being able to read the spin level and act accordingly.

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