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Rosen Nikolov

Rosen Nikolov Asked 4 months ago

Hello, recently I have learned the right techniques of chopping and defending and now i need a good long pips rubber, that will help me to chop powerful smashes and high speed balls. I have played with anti-spin rubber for a long time, but i noticed that i return balls very slowly and its not had for my opponent to return fast ball again. Can you recommend me a good Long pimples rubber?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 months ago

Hi Rosen,

I will hand this one over to our readers.  I am sure you will get some help here.

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D K Posted 3 months ago

I would surely choose something from TSP,Butterfly or Spinlord.
More from TSP/Butterfly,since SPinlord produces more of defensive shortpips.
For chopping especially Feint rubbers from BTY or TSP Curl series.

Rajdeep Paul

Rajdeep Paul Posted 3 weeks ago

it depends on your playing style.

if you like to play at medium distance and have average control, then you can use feint long 2. this rubber doesn't need too much active stroke. you can do almost everything with this rubber with proper technique.

if you like to make heavy backspin with heavy active stroke from long distance, from end point, feint long 3 would suits you. but it will works with really topspin will come to you. and attacking with this rubber is almost impossible.

if you are a master level chopper, curl p1r is the best choice for you. it also can do everything with proper stroke. specially bit higher short pushed ball flat hitting with this is unreturnable. but this would suit you, if you are really a master level chopper, I repeat! as, it is too much sensative with incoming spin.

joola octopus can be said a clone of curl p1r. but it has bit harder pimples and bit more sticky than p1r.

if you like to chop close to the table, curl ph would suits you, I think.

if you like consistancy, you can use grass. but, it is rarely available now a days.

if you like to use a fast long pips, to put every ball at 3rd court of opponent, you can use grass dtecs. it is the fastest longpips for defense. you can also do everything with this, even hitting better than p1r.

if you want bit softer sponge then you can try feint soft (almost unavailable everywhere), it is like feint long 2 with softer sponge; or you can also use speedy soft grass dtecs.

if you like to use chineese rubber, you can try c8, I don't know too much about its property.

if you want to try cheapest rubber, try spinlord products, don't know about specific rubbers.


D K Posted 2 weeks ago

I should add TSP Curl P4 to the list.
Rajdeep summarized the rubbers quite well.
I would maybe doubt about Feint Long 3's inability to attack,since it is said to be Butterfly's counterpart of Curl P4 and I can play very soft-like with P4.
Meaning,I can attack,even perform "standard" topspin with it.
TSP Curl P4 is designed for absolute control,has a soft sponge and is,to some extent,capable of creating its own spin.
Havent played with FL3 though...

Rajdeep Paul

Rajdeep Paul Posted 2 weeks ago

agree with you about p4. I haven't mention it as it is not generally used for chopping, used for chop blocking close to the table as far I know.

and I don't say anything about fl3, may be I am wrong, you have more experience than me, as you are a coach yourself.


D K Posted 2 weeks ago

I disagree Rajdeep,P4 is a primarily chopping rubber.
Offers only a little reversal and if there is a longpips that emulates inverted-like behavior,then P4 is the closest to it.

What rubber do you use,Rajdeep? I know you use Tibhar MXP,which is maybe a bit too fast for chopping but ...matter of taste,but what is your other rubber?

I am not a coach Rajdeep....I am just a classical defender and I am interested in equipment,majorly rubbers. Unfortunately I havent had a chance to test too many rubbers and blades.
I have experience with playing with TSP P1R and TSP P4,using both of them for several years.
I have also had a chance to play with FL3 and Joola Octopus.

Regarding Tibhar's longpips and TSP PH,I have some experience when playing AGAINST them.
They can surely reverse really well. Tibhar Grass is sometimes misspelled as Tibhar Glass. That describes its behavior: it is quite dead on impact and not very senstivie to spin.
PH is majorly designed for passive reversal,whereas Tibhar aims for more active play.
That does not mean PH cannot perform well in chopping,but it is not designed for that

Rajdeep Paul

Rajdeep Paul Posted 2 weeks ago

I have seen you have posted a question about training the basic level children as a coach...

yes, I use tibhar mxp in forehand, but I use fl2 in backhand. every defenders use a fast rubber in their forehand. joo: tenergy 64, recently tibhar mxk (modified by nexy), ruwen filus t 05 (recently t05 hard) gionis (t05) and like this everyone use a fast spinny rubber in forehand.

regarding fl3, I know it is the slowest among all of the above listed. but due to its stickiness more than fl2,  it can generate some amount of spin, but as it is too much slow, it would be too much effective. I haven't seen any international player who use fl3 makes attacking shot with this, but I have seen some female player who use fl2 does rare attack with this.

and sorry, I confused the p4 with ph. I was wrong.



Rajdeep Paul

Rajdeep Paul Posted 2 weeks ago

typing mistake: it would"n't" be too much effective (for fl3)


D K Posted 2 weeks ago

True,though they are total beginners,and they stopped attending shortly after.
They were too far from explaining any spin or s omething to them.

Yea,but how many of them actually chop using that rubber?

P4 is also slow. I expect comparable speed with FL3.
Even weaker attack is better than push if consistent

Rajdeep Paul

Rajdeep Paul Posted 2 weeks ago

our discussion is going to be a debate, lol!

I think all the above comments are enough for Rosen! lol!

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