Table Tennis Strokes and Technique

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Matej Jovanović

Matej Jovanović Asked 12 years ago

Hi Alois ,

When I play table tennis with my friends they said to me that I have good backhand and I really have good backhand , but when I'm not playing for 2-3 days I can't hit the table , sometimes I play better on backhand , sometimes I play better on forehand, and question is why I'm not always playing same ?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Matej,

The more you play the more consistent the stroke will become.  It is a matter of the brain remembering the patter well and being able to do it without even thinking.  That is why it is important to hit so many balls before you have really mastered a stroke.

When you practice work on hitting a lot of balls on the table in a row without a mistake. First aim to get 50 and then you can aim for bigger numbers like 100 even 500 or 1000.  This will take time and concentration.

Just give it some time and some more hours on the table.  It will become more consistent. 

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