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Nimish Agrawal

Nimish Agrawal Asked 8 years ago

Hey guys, absolutely love your videos! I have been playing TT for the past three years and have used Kung-FU DX and Offensive XX by GKI, I'm planning to get my racket upgraded. I was considering EURO-Spintec by GKI before i watched your CHOOSING A BAT-video. I see, that you recommend a custom made racket. Please help me choose the blade and rubber(s). Also, is it advisable to use two different rubbers for both sides or just one?

P.S. I am strong on my forehand and use backhand usually for defence.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Nimish,

Thanks for the kind words about the videos.

Without getting into specifics of equipment, get a blade that is rated as All Round and a slower rubber like Mark V or Sriver to start with.

You could have different rubbers on the different sides if you have differing abilities on the two sides.  You could also just alter the thickness of the rubber.  For example have a 2mm on the forehand and 1.5mm on the backhand.

The one we have on the site is the PingSkills Touch with Mark V that would probably be the best fit for you.

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