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Jeff Van Goidsenoven

Jeff Van Goidsenoven Asked 1 year ago

Hi coaches,

I've been playing more and more tournaments recently, and I've been doing quite well in many of them. However, I fell short a few times in the semis or in the finals because my legs couldn't keep up with playing more than 6-8 matches at full throttle (this is compounded by the fact that we generally play league games the night before tournaments). By the end of the tournaments, I often couldn't get low enough anymore to play powerful and stable attacks, and I resorted to blocking tactics to get over the finishing line, albeit not that successfully.

So, how to increase leg, especially upper leg for me, endurance?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Jeff,

I think this is a good thing to start to think about.

I think you need to combination of strength and endurance.  I am not an expert here but things like jogging and weight training for the upper legs could be useful.  Squats are a good simple method to start with.

It definitely makes a difference at the end of a long day of matches to be able to maintain your lower leg position and be able to keep moving fast and effectively around the court.

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Jeff Van Goidsenoven

Jeff Van Goidsenoven Posted 1 year ago

Squats after regular practice sounds like a good start.

I've also talked to a guy who I trust with gym stuff and he thought I should switch my weightlifting in the gym to lower weights with more reps instead of increasing weights. Also, he thought increasing my time on the bike plus adding some time on the stair climber.

I'll start with those exercices and see where they take me.


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