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Dylan Mullarkey

Dylan Mullarkey Asked 9 years ago

Hi I was looking for a very offensive blade,prefferably carbon and something smooth. Im currently very intersted in buying a sheet or two of the Rakza 9 and since ive started playing table tennis ive been using a very cheap unbranded blade. I am currently using Rakza 9 and T25. But I cant spend over $100 on the blade and if I can at all I would like to buy the entire bat off one website. Thanks :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Dylan,

I hope some of our readers can help you out.  I am sure it is possible.

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ryan spintastic penner

ryan spintastic penner Posted 9 years ago  Call them and talk to a representive.  They will also assemble the bat at your request and to your specification. 

Dylan Mullarkey

Dylan Mullarkey Posted 9 years ago

Yes thank you Ryan I will do that :)


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