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vineeth agarwal

vineeth agarwal Asked 9 years ago

i am planning to buy a new bat..please help me to choose my rubber.. my forehand is quite good..and i am good at counterhitting and looping the ball on forehand side..and also lifting the backspin ball.but my forehand defense is weak..that is i dont chop and push much on my forehand side.. on my backhand,i usually push,chop and block with occasional backhand smash..i usually use my backhand to defend..and also i serve mostly with my backhand by varying the amount of spin and speed.. And one more thing, my backhand is weak against heavy spins, both topspin and backspin.. please help me choose my rubber!! should i use short pimples,long pimples,anti spin or both normal rubbers?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Vineeth,

I would use a normal rubber on the forehand and if you have been playing for a few years you could think about a good quality short pimples on the backhand.  This will counteract a little of the problem of playing heavy spin and will also help with blocking.

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