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Kristóf Liszkai

Kristóf Liszkai Asked 3 years ago

Recently I have transfered my rubbers from one blade to another one, and one of the rubbers shrank while i was gluing the other one, and part of the blade is now exposed.

It isn't bothering me much while practicing and i'm also about to change my rubbers, but if I would turn up to a national competition(Hungary), would it be legal?

Also, i'm loving the videos and I would love to see some footage of you guys coaching, or even doing some vlog style videos?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Kristóf,

That would be illegal as the rubber doesn't cover the edges.  You are allowed the gap at the bottom of the rubber but they don't allow the gap near the edges.

You could try re-gluing it and stretching it while you are sticking it down, especially near the edges.

Thanks also for the kind words and ideas for the site.

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Roger Noyes

Roger Noyes Posted 3 years ago

I recently pulled a rubber, bios tensor, that had not been well glued at the edge from the retailer. When I pulled the rubber it was 3-4 mm smaller! It was relatively easy to stretch the rubber from the base to the tip as I tacked the grip edge, with some paper under the rubber so it would not stick any other place, and stretched the rubber to the top. Getting the side edges stretched was not as successful. I can see the stretch marks around the edge and the edge is not even around the blade. Some of the dynamics of the rubber have undoubtedly been compromised.  

Kristóf Liszkai

Kristóf Liszkai Posted 3 years ago

Thanks for answering Alois!

I tried stretching it, but it has shrank a bit after i had done gluing the racket.
My new rubbers should arrive soon, so i'm looking forward to use those!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 3 years ago

No problems.  New rubbers will be nice...

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