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D K Asked 1 month ago


just curious,I have noticed that many girls tend to keep their arm straight up while playing,so that it looks like they are signaling a new ball.

I played a match with her today, defeating her 3:2 by playing a few really spectacular rallies with her.  I noticed that no matter how she moves, her left arm stays rigidly raised above head like on the photo.
I would say it is quite disturbing when playing a match.

What do you think about it ?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Dan,

It sounds like you had an interesting match! Regarding your observation about the posture of the arm during play, it is indeed quite unusual for players to keep their arm raised in such a manner continuously. Usually, players might raise their arm momentarily either to signal that they are not ready to receive the serve or to indicate a new ball is needed, as you mentioned. However, if a player maintains this position throughout the game, it can certainly be distracting. The rigidly raised arm might simply be a habit or a unique style developed by the player, possibly for balance or personal comfort. However, it’s essential for all players to ensure their actions do not disrupt the flow of the game or distract their opponent in a manner that could be considered unsportsmanlike. If this posture seems to be a deliberate tactic to distract opponents, it could potentially be addressed by a referee in a competitive setting. On the other hand, if it’s an unintentional habit, there isn’t much to be done unless the player themselves decides to adjust their style for comfort or strategic reasons.

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D K Posted 3 weeks ago

It was very physical,but also very psychological. I noticed that I tend to use psychologic tacticts much more when playing against girls and most kids,when I need to play seriously.

I would not call it "unique" - as I said,I noticed that this is a recurring habit among local girls,mostly,but not only,current teen age girls. 
And I doubt it is strategy - they do it even during trainings,warmup etc


D K Posted 3 weeks ago

PS: that one particular girl (I wonder where did that photo go which I inserted into the question) uses a rubber which is pips-out,but not even the manufacturer himself is unable to tell if it is shortpips,medium pips,or longpips.

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