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Rahul  Sharma

Rahul Sharma Asked 3 weeks ago

Hi, I'm a table tennis player but currently i'm not playing and i have opened an academy where i teach table tennis to kids i want to make them good players in less time. How can i improve my coaching skills and help those kids to reach higher levels.

thank you

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Rahul,

It's great to hear about your passion for coaching young table tennis players. Improving your coaching skills is a continuous process, and there are several strategies you can adopt to help your students achieve higher levels quickly.

Keep updating your knowledge of the sport. This includes staying informed about the latest techniques, strategies, and training methodologies. Engaging with table tennis coaching courses or seminars can be incredibly beneficial.

Understand that each student has unique needs and abilities. Tailor your coaching methods to fit individual strengths and weaknesses. This personalised approach can help in maximising their potential.

Use video recordings of your students' games to analyse their performance. This can be an excellent tool for highlighting areas that need improvement and also for showing progress over time.

Work with your students to set realistic and achievable short-term and long-term goals. This helps in keeping them motivated and focused.

Always provide constructive feedback in a supportive manner. Maintain open lines of communication with your students and their parents about progress and areas for improvement.

Arrange for your students to participate in local, and eventually, national tournaments. Competitive play is crucial for development and helps students handle pressure.

Regularly seek feedback from your students and their parents, as well as from other coaches. This self-evaluative process will help you grow and adapt as a coach.

Foster a supportive and encouraging environment in your academy. Team bonding activities can enhance team spirit and improve individual performances. By focusing on these areas, you can greatly enhance your effectiveness as a coach and help your students reach their full potential in the exciting sport of table tennis.

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