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Leo Marty

Leo Marty Asked 1 year ago

Dear PingSkills 

About a week ago, I have faced an opponent, whose serve is very fast and has no spin. Typically, he served it deep into my forehand. I had trouble responding to it. Because I often times got overwhelmed and surprised by the speed of the ball. So, I could not properly prepare for my topspin stroke. Can you help me with that?

kind regards

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Leo,

In these situation one thing you can do is start to prepare a bit more for this problem serve.  If you are ready for the long fast serve to the forehand it will force your opponent to change tactics.

One other thing that will help you is to really focus and concentrate on the ball as soon as it is in your opponent's hand and ready for serve.  If you do that you will find that you will start to react a little faster to whatever save comes at you.

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