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Eshaan Mishra

Eshaan Mishra Asked 6 years ago


I thought up upon the the first attack "thingie"' u told me, but there's this guy, and I'm having problem replying his serve so, there are his two serves

1) pendulum serve

so YES! He is a lefty I'm a righty and he serves short

so when I chop it it goes to the right side and he plays a topspin and I lose the point

if I try to give it in his backhand ,the ball goes outside and If I counter it simply hits the net ! 

side spin back hand serve!

I just can't reply this serve the ball goes outside the table and he wins the point 


thanks in advance

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Eshaan,

Learning to return different spins well, comes with a lot of practice.  It sounds like you have the basic principles right so not it is a matter of getting the accuracy of the return.  If you watch where your return is going, you will learn a little each time, even if it goes off the table.  After a few returns you will be able to adjust your angle to get the ball back on the table or to where you want it.

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Sergio Martinez

Sergio Martinez Posted 6 years ago

If you know this guy well all see if he is willing to train with you and have him keep doing that serve.  Or if you know someone who can also do that serve ask them to help you practice returning it.  I train with my friend who is pretty good at getting some tricky spin serves.  For an hour all we did was practice returning different spins.  You have to learn to adjust the angle of your bat.  Get a friend have him try to do different serves to you. It's both fun but also gives you a feel for the different types of spin.

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