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Tom Rutkowski

Tom Rutkowski Asked 3 years ago

Hi Guys

This is a question you may not have heard before: is it allowed to fix the paddle on to your hand in some way, for example with tape or bandage?

The reason why I am asking is, I am an older guy with some handicaps as older men can have. The last time I realized. that my grip on the paddle is weaker, so my muscles on the right side - I am a right-hander- are in general getting weaker. Here is the scenario: If this is getting worse I have to quit table tennis because my paddle will come out of my hand when I smash or topspin and will fly to the opponents side and may hit him/her. If I could fix the paddle on to my right hand I would be able to play table tennis without any risk for my opponent although I would not be able to play at my usual level.

As I know nothing about this is in the rules fixed, right?

Thanks for your answer - I know you are always alert!

Happy New Year, Tom Rutkowski, Germany

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Tom,

You are allowed to use strapping to assist with your grip.  This happens quite a lot in the lower functioning classes in Para Table Tennis.

Some use a bandage type strapping to keep the bat firm in their hand.

If you do a search for "paul davies table tennis youtube" you will see an example of some strapping.

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