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Tony Unknown

Tony Unknown Asked 12 years ago

What is a float serve?  How can it be done / execute?


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 12 years ago

Hi Tony,

A float serve is a serve that looks like you are hitting it with heavy backspin but in fact hit it with no spin. If you opponent falls for the trick and thinks there is a lot of backspin, they will angle their bat to try and counter the backspin and this will cause the ball to pop up high and make it easy for you to attack.

Using a combination of heavy backspin and float (no spin) serves is a great way to try and confuse your opponent. Having a great serve is all about subtle variations!

To execute this yourself, hit the backspin serve with a fine brushing contact to generate lots of backspin and hit the float serve flatter and hence generating less or no spin. 

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