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Sachin Bhoi

Sachin Bhoi Asked 8 years ago

Hi Coaches, 

 I am a beginner. While looping against backspin balls(backspin from long push and serve not chop against topspin), i am finding pure side-spin and little bit of topspin do the job pretty well rather than pure topspin with lifting action, which is difficult for me right now. So am i just getting lucky or side-spin with little topspin is proper shot against these backspins. 

Another question, I am having problem with my forehand loops. Backhand drive and loops seems pretty effortless and i can concentrate on placement but its not like that with forehand,  i have to think about technique so much. Please give some advice to make my forehand effective. 

Thanks in advance

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Sachin,

The sidespin topspin can be effective but when you want to play the ball faster, it will be difficult because of the lack of topspin.

Try relaxing your wrist and fingers while making the topspin.  When you tighten your wrist, it turns your hand inwards.  This will lead to the sidespin on the ball.  By relaxing the hand you will be able to generate more pure topspin and this will also help your forehand loop technique.


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Sachin Bhoi

Sachin Bhoi Posted 8 years ago

Thanks Coach 

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