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Phil Phil

Phil Phil Asked 3 years ago

Hello! I am a decently experienced player, i was top 4 in england for the under 15s and played with a £20 Globe bat for 4 years, Forehand was a Globe 999 rubber and backhand was globe medium pimples.

Now, I realise as I am starting to get back into table tennis, against more experienced players, a dead ball is extremely easy to counter, so I am looking to move to long pimples but i want a forehand rubber than I can block (Standing still, bat tilted forward backhand type block) and a rubber that i can also flip the bat and smash with my backhand, i do this extremely often to end a point) occasionally i will smash with my forehand but not as often as my backhand.

Any recommendations on a forehand rubber would be great, Joo se Hyuk uses a tenergy 64 on the forehand so I am not sure if its a suitable option! I am looking for control but also the ability to put good spin on the ball and do heavy topspin loops!

Thanks, Phil

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Phil,

You obviously played at a high level.  I think Tenergy 64 would be a good option.  It will give you enough control with blocking but also allow you to attack with both forehand and backhand when required.

Other readers may have some suggestions as well.

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