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buddy buddy

buddy buddy Asked 11 years ago

 I have been playing Table Tennis for almost a year now. For the months I used a cheap $15 dollar paddle. Since Christmas I have been using the Killerspin Jet 500. I am thinking about buying a Killerspin Diamond TC blade and Blast High Tension Rubber. I have been told that it isn't good to buy the good stuff until you are ready. So how will I know if I am? I want something that is good for looping, smashing, blocking, and good service. I have also noticed that butterflys stuff is cost more. Is it really just better or are you paying for the same?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Buddy,

You should err on the side of being too slow with your equipment so that you will develop your control and strokes properly.

If you feel that your strokes are not going anywhere and you are forcing your shots to generate enough power to play then it is probably a good time to step up. 

Many of the top brands are very similar.

We recommend Mark V as your first rubber and then a progression to Yasaka Pryde and then XIOM Vega Pro.  All of these rubbers perform very well. 

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