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Manfred Rolfsmeier

Manfred Rolfsmeier Asked 1 week ago

Hi Alois,

as I approach my 50s I notice that my performance is declining. Everything´s slowing down (movement, reflexes), my ability to concentrate is limited and dark halls are a horror to me. I started fitness training some time ago but my problems remain the same. And since I want continue playing in the team, I ask myself whether and how I can adapt my allround game to the dwindling performance. Is there anything you can recommend to an ageing player?

Thanks & Greetings


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 week ago

Hi Manfred,

I think this is great that you re starting to think about options.

The main thing I think is movement.  Trying to limit that and perhaps slowing the ball down is the key... as well as continuing to work on your general fitness.

Perhaps you can consider a slower rubber or equipment.  A lot fo players progress to some sort of pimples, especially longer pimples to slow the game down.  I am not sure if that is where you want to go with it.

The other thing to think about is your positioning and utilising both forehand and backhand more evenly so that you can cover the table well.

Let me know if we are on the right track here.

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Manfred Rolfsmeier

Manfred Rolfsmeier Posted 5 days ago

Yes you´re right,  there´s still potential in the even use of forehand and backhand and trying to overcome my fear playing fh topspin (btw: helpful advice for the forhand feeling you gave recently) . Changing to pimples frightens me - that could only be an option if nothing else works. I will continue my fitness training lose some more weight. And in summer we hopefully will get a robot so I can experiment with that. If all that won´t help, I´ll go fishing.

Thanks Alois

Philip Samuel

Philip Samuel Posted 18 hours ago

The advice I get from my coach is also about positioning, Standing closer to the table, and shorter strokes.  No problem in using a fast rubber as makes it easier to return the ball quickly, easier to put topspin and backspin etc. etc.  If you get a robot, get a good one that sends the ball to different landing positions, does all the different spins, and can send the ball fast.  Spend a bit of time researching robots, Y&T have some good ones , and Power Pong Omega is the best there is but highest price.  Keep playing it is good for you!

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