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Andy Zhao

Andy Zhao Asked 4 years ago

Hey, everyone!

I'm a beginner C-pen player who needs a good beginner blade to practice with. Any suggestions? I've heard that an "all" blade is good for control, but I don't know where to find that type of blade.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Andy,

I will put this one out to the readers to help you out.

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Diego Tesoro

Diego Tesoro Posted 4 years ago

I suggest getting a Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Cpen. Because the new ball is slower, the rating will probably be close to ALL or OFF-. The blade has tons of control especially after the new ball came out. And it plays well close and far from the table. 

That's just my suggestion based on my previous setup. And do you need any suggestions on the rubber as well?


Andy Zhao

Andy Zhao Posted 4 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion, and yes, I do need suggestions for rubbers. I've heard that a fairly hard rubber is good for beginners for developing the "feeling" of the ball, but I seem to struggle to find rubbers that are hard and in the lower price range.

Diego Tesoro

Diego Tesoro Posted 4 years ago

For a beginner, I do not suggest getting a harder rubber as it lacks control. I think that soft/medium rubbers are good as the penhold grip is a very strong grip in terms of power. And if you are concerned about feeling, then get a rubber with a thin sponge such as 1.8mm. 

And about rubbers in the "lower price range", it is really difficult to get cheap rubbers that are good. I understand that rubbers are generally pricey but if you take care of your rubbers well then you can change your rubber every year. So I suggest that you save money to buy good quality rubbers instead of buying cheap rubbers that lose grip easily and you'll eventually spend more in the long run.

And I almost forgot, I can suggest Yasaka Mark V or Donic Bluefire M3. For a beginner, you can use the same rubber for FH and BH as the most important thing as a beginner is improving your strokes and your skills.

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