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hasham nawaz

hasham nawaz Asked 11 years ago


when I'm playing matches i tend to change grips b\w BH and FH, using the normal grip for my FH and rotating and lowering it a bit for my BH, i can play most BH strokes with my FH grip and vice versa but my BH grip allows me to use more of my wrist and add more power. Should i continue playing the same way or should i use a neutral grip I've noticed players like Boll and Maze using different grips for FH and BH.

I recently saw your video lesson for the BH side-spin flick and found it to be very helpful, I use a similar stroke in my game but its more like a BH side-spin loop which i use to attack longer balls and it's won me a lot of points lately, should i continue using this stroke or will it mess up my technique for the normal BH loop(which is very handy for attacking long backspin serves to the BH)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Hasham,

In general we recommend that you don't change your grip too much especially when you are learning.

However, if you feel comfortable changing and do it effectively then go ahead.  The main problem with changing grips is the time available during a rally.  in a fast rally you don;t really have tie to change too much.  Sure, the backhand is easier with a backhand grip but often you don't get time to get it there.

As for the sidespin stroke, we always say, learn the basic first, then go ahead and add your unique variations to it.  Sounds like this stroke works well for you so keep using it.  just make sure you can still do a basic straight topspin as well.

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