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Mars De Los Santos

Mars De Los Santos Asked 11 years ago

What are the good tactics against defensive players who use an Anti-Spin rubber especially for their backhand? In addition, what are the principle effects of an Anti-Spin rubber against the normal soft inverted rubbers?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Mars,

The best tactic I find against this type of player is to push to their backhand side.  When they push that ball bacjk with the anti-spin, you will get a relatively easy flat or slightly tospin ball that you can attack strongly.  Even serving with backspin to the anti-spin gets the same result for you.

Topspinning to the backhand can also be useful because you know what spin is coming back.  It will be the reverse of what you have given them.  It is difficiutl for them to generate their own spin with the anti-spin rubber.

Ensure that you play that first backspin ball short so that you keep the defensive payer close to the table.  From there your attacking stroke will be more effective.

The anti-spin ruuber reverses the spin on the ball.  The inverted rubber will give yo back the same spin.

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