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dario milojevic

dario milojevic Asked 9 years ago

Hey Alois and jeff i have a question about serving. Ive seen some serving videos on youtube from different people and you guys, NO MATTER how much i try to serve the ball i never get the spin they get. Is it my paddle? I ordered a Waldner 1000 paddle because i need it for this table tennis club but at home i use a 4 star catamount or somthing that was $20. Is it my arm, wrist or is it something im missing.

The serve i try to do is the "ghost serve" or a "back to net serve" and when i do it, it doesn't come back nor does it spin at all it just goes straight.

Please help!!

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Dario,

It could be your bat. You need good quality rubbers to get spin and they do wear out over time and need replacing. As a simple test you can rub your finger on the bat. If it just slides over then your rubbers are dead and will need replacing. If the rubber grips your finger then it will aslo grip the ball.

If your rubber is grippy then key is to get a fast brushing contact. Try this away from the table and see if you can get enough spin to get the ball to come back to you.

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