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Baseer Uddin

Baseer Uddin Asked 5 years ago Alois Sir,

As my game is improving day by day, i started to search for making my first custom racket. But i am a bit confused in brands. Also i want to use hurricane 3 in FH and mark v in BH . I am developing my technique as a looper. Can you suggest me a good blade ( stiga, butterfly, Donic ) in medium range? and Are the carbon blades good for my type of players who are in developing stage ? 


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 5 years ago

Hi Baseer,

It certainly is exciting making your first custom bat. It sounds like you've chosen some good rubbers. As for the blade it really is a personal choice. Some people like the faster blades and others like myself prefer a more controlled blade. We of course recommend the PingSkills Touch. :)

But don't get too caught up on this. Just pick something you think will be good, and then concentrate on improving your technique. The choice of rubbers affects the performance of the overall bat a lot more than the blade too.

Good luck. Let us know what you decide to get.

PS. If anyone else has advice for Baseer feel free to leave a comment!

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Baseer Uddin

Baseer Uddin Posted 5 years ago

Thanks Sir for your reply. I'll let you know when I decide. I wanted to buy pingskills touch from the first day but in my country it is very difficult to get things from different countries. 


Dima Shevchenko

Dima Shevchenko Posted 5 years ago

A good blade is really the PingSkills touch. Hurricane 3 is a bit to much for developing players but if you feel your forehand is good go for it. The PingSkills touch is really cheap to. Really worth the money.

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