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D K Asked 6 years ago

Hi PingSkills Team.

This is not so much a question from me as from one of my teammates who cannot speak English.
Our strongest teammate,my coach's sparring partner,attacking the Region ranks despite being in the Second District often encounters an incomparably weaker player in an "OPEN" category at tournaments.

An OPEN category is a category where everyone can meet everyone,regardless of age,level or gender.
My powerful teammate in these encounters usually guides his opponent when he sees that opponent has really no chance against his powerful deceptive serves and loops.

For example,last tournament he encountered a seven-year-old girl,who has just learned the basics only,no ability to read spin or direction,barely playing like you two in the "Most Important Skill" video,even mistaking forehand side with backhand side,he has won the first set and then he started to guide the girl like this:

He said "I am going to execute a strong backspin serve to your backhand. It is your left side. In order to return this,you must open your bat and push it forward,because the ball will tend to go into the net" while showing her how to tilt her bat in order to repel his serve.
Then,according to his words,he unleashed a powerful backspin serve with great mastery,aiming exactly at her bat.
The girl successfully returned and he made a deliberate error in order to show her the effect of her stroke.

The next ball,he said "This time,I will use a topspin serve and aim it to your forehand. You must close your bat like this (he showed the tilt) in order to repel it,else it will pop up and you will get a bomb"
Then,as he said,he used a topspin serve to her forehand,she returned according to his cues and he popped it up pretending it was powerful stroke from her.
She started to smash,he kept returning skillfully while still guiding her like "you must aim for different places in order to make your opponent run,aim for that corner...then for the other one..."then the girl made an accidental half-volley smash and my teammate jumped for it although he could just stretch his arm a little more,pretending that it was very effective stroke
Etc. etc.

What do you think about such behavior during the match?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi DK,

I think this turns out to be more of a coaching session but I am sure it encouraged the young girl.  If she has gained something out of it then it is useful.

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D K Posted 6 years ago

Probably she gained as she defeated me the next tournament.
She won 1:11,2:11,0:11

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