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Kai Ball

Kai Ball Asked 7 years ago

My table tennis bat gets quite sweaty when I play.

Can you wax your table tennis bat handle to stop it from getting sweaty and dirty?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Kai,

Rather than waxing the handle try using a bit of sand paper to rough up the wood a little.  This will help you to grip the handle better.  Some players also try using a wrap like on a tennis racket handle.

Make sure to keep towelling your hand regularly to keep it dry.

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Thoughts on this question

Steve Billmire

Steve Billmire Posted 7 years ago

I understand the question, but from what Alois has said in one of his video's is that we are supposed to hold the bat either "Handshake or pen style" using our (Handshake) with our thumb and for finger. From what I get out of this is not to hold the handle so much so we have better control of the bat. So why sand the handle for better grip? I know for myself, if the handle gets dirty. I just take a little "Furniture polish" and scrub it with a "Scotch-Brite" scouring pad to remove any debris left from playing.


I'm I right in how we are supposed to hold the bat? And of course if the handle gets dirty definitely clean it with something appropriate. I guess if sanding the handle help's with the grip then definitely do it!!!

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